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The Harlaxton Gazette has been completely redesigned as a private site for friends and family only. Whilst this site can be viewed on normal desktops, it includes "Responsive" features to facilitate better viewing on SmartPhones and Tablets.

  • Fixing Drugs - Sue's book published 2012
  • Our tame Swan - He pops up from the local lake to our front garden for a regular feed. He can't fly - he has only got one wing.
  • Sue's shocking collection of winter (only) foot ware.
Get Directions to Our Location
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To find your way to "Chez Nous", just click onto the 'car' icon and enter a Postcord. You will be provided with an option to printout your route. The picture here is a 2 year old "Google Street View" - the Volvo has been exchanged for a V60 and, with the exception of the 'umbrella Silver Birch', the trees have been chopped down.

At the Manor on my Bike